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Blog 2 Social Pros & Cons: Review 2021

Blog 2 Social Pros & Cons: Review 2021

Blog2Social is a plugin used for scheduling social media post. If you get the most out of the content on your WordPress site, you can’t afford to ignore social media. You will want to share your work on as many spots as possible to guide your audience and increase traffic to your site.

However, this can take a long time if you do not have help. One plugin that can make the process undoubtedly easier is Blog2Social.This tool allows you to share your WordPress content on the most renowned social media platforms. It also keeps you in manages of how your posts look when shared, and you can even automate the process.

This post is about

This post will discuss why it is crucial to take advantage of social media and introduce you to the Blog2Social plugin. Then we’ll walk you through the footsteps to start sharing your posts. Let us begin!

If you see this, it is doubtful that you need an introduction to social media. In the last years, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become fixtures of everyday life. More than 2 billion people are active Facebook users, while Twitter attracts more than 300 million users. There are many possibilities that you have profiles on these networks.

The high volume of users makes these platforms crucial to expanding the audience for your WordPress website. In a world where nearly half of the humans on the planet use social media, there has never been such a powerful outlet to spread your content to a universally diverse group of people.

Most sites have realized this, and 78% of small businesses use social media to attract consumers. It makes sense, as social media allows users to interact more fully with your content. Also, if you can get more social shares on your posts, this, in turn, can guide increase traffic to your website.

To ensure your WordPress content’s success, you should try to have an effective social media strategy. It involves knowing when to share the range, which website to target, and optimal schedule. Fortunately, all of this is much easier if you have the right tool.

Introducing the Blog2Social plugin

If you are looking to manage your social media strategy effectively, few tools are as beneficial as Blog2Social for WordPress. It is a plugin that helps you publish your content on various popular social media platforms with ease.

Blog2Social makes it easy to keep up with your social media presence. You can connect/join your site to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and many other platforms with it. However, just sharing your content is the rare minimum of what Blog2Social can do. Let’s explore some of its most valuable structures, once in duration.

Share content automatically across many social media websites.

As we said, Blog2Social supports a large number of social media sites. These range from the biggest like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to more niche networks like Medium and BlogLovin:

The best part is, once you’ve started up the plugin, there is little else you need to do. Blog2Social can automatically share your posts on the networks you specify, using the settings you want. It cuts the time you spend getting your content out there to almost zero. Concentrate on creating quality posts, and when they go live, all of your followers will know right away.

Schedule separate posts on different sites

Sharing your content by posting it on social media as soon as the post ready, is a common strategy, and it generally works well. However, it isn’t the only possible method. You may also want to schedule posts to share at a specific time rather than instantly.

For example, you can post multiple different pieces simultaneously, but you don’t want to spam your social media profiles with a barrage of links simultaneously. Alternatively, maybe you’ve made an effort to research the best times to share content across multiple networks, and you want to maximize the number of impressions and the level of connection.

Blog2Social even provides you with the option to schedule social media posts for different times depending on the platform (which is very similar to the way you design your blog posts). It says that you have complete control over your social media strategy, regardless of how deep you want to go into it.

Manage your posts and actions

If you’re shuffling a lot of content and platforms, it can quickly be challenging to keep track of which posts you’ve shared and where. To help you, Blog2Social contains a dashboard where you can get an overview of all your shares on each network:

This calendar makes it easy to track your shares and filter them based on specific posts and networks. By crawling your content in this way, you can ensure that your strategy meets, and you can optimize your focus whenever you want. You can even re-share old posts that might not have worked as well the first time.

Customize the look of your posts

Social media is more than just standard text and linked links without a second thought. Making sure your article look good when distributed across different networks is a crucial concern. Blog2Social allows you to specify the appearance of each post when it publishes on various platforms:

You can add meta tags to include pictures and even determine what the heading and description will say. It is also the simplest way to add Open Graph and Twitter Cards for your actions, as you don’t need to mess with any additional code or plugins. You are always in the entire hold of how the appearance of your posts every time.

Generate #Hashtags from the WordPress-tags

Finally, another important fact of social media is ‘hashtags’. For the uninitiated, these are a process of tagging posts according to their topic or potential audience (# blog2social). By including hashtags in your posts, you allow potential readers to see what topics cover in the content itself, and it makes it easier for users who are already interested in the case to find the posts:

With Blog2Social, you can create hashtags automatically create hashtags by using the WordPress tags you have specified in each post. This way, we do not have to include relevant hashtags manually. Instead, you can trust the ones the plugin creates for you. In other words, it is another practical way to automate your social media idea.

How to share your WordPress work on social media website using Blog2Social (in 2-step)

Now that we’ve covered the leading cause, Blog2Social is such a powerful social sharing tool, let’s get down to business. In another tutorial, we will share with you how to use this plugin to share a post on various social media platforms.

1. Connect your social media profiles

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Blog2Social plugin (here’s our guide on installing plugins if you have any questions), the first one you will need to do is connect the social media profiles you want to use. These will be the platforms where the posts are shared, so you must add all the sites that interest you in advance (although you can always include more later).

Navigate to Blog2Social> Networks in your admin panel to see a list of available platforms:

You will notice that some platforms allow you to select multiple options, such as Page or Group. Unsurprisingly, these options will enable you to share content directly to managed pages and groups, as well as your primary profile.

When you click a button next to a specific platform, a new popup will appear. You will ask how to authorize your profile on that service:

Depending on the platform, you may need to enter your account details and confirm that you want to provide access. Once you have done that, the window will close, and you will see your profile appear below the network in the list:

Just repeat this process with all the accounts, pages and groups you want to connect. Once you’ve finished setting up the necessary platforms, you’re ready to start sharing right away.

2. Share your content on social networking websites.

The standard procedure for publishing content using Blog2Social is effortless. To illustrate the method, let’s share an introductory blog post for Facebook. For this to work, the pitch must already be published or scheduled to be published.

Open a post that meets one of those criteria, and you’ll see a new box near the top of the editing interface (called Auto Post to Social Media):

Here, you can click Customize and schedule social media posts to set up the work before sharing. It’ll open a new page, where you will customize how the post will look on your specific network:

In this case, the network is Facebook. Therefore, the publication will accompany by an image of the article. Its heading and meta choose you’re using the free or premium version of the plugin (more on this in a moment).

You can now click Share to post the post on your Facebook profile. Then you can check his profile to see the post:

Once done, you have successfully used Blog2Social to share a WordPress post!

Of course, this is only scratching the surface of what you can do with the plugin. As we mentioned earlier, you can also schedule posts using Blog2Social or automatically share content on your bio. You can enter these advanced features by upgrading to one of the add-ons premium plans, which start at $ 69 per year.


Many users rely on social media to search for content, so you should share your WordPress posts easily and with minimal hassle. One way to simplify this process is by using the Blog2Social plugin. This tool allows you to customize the way you share posts and even automate the process.

In this context, we show you how to get started with Blog2Social and how to use it. In short, all it takes to share a post is to follow these two steps:

  1. Connect your social media profiles.
  2. Share your content on social networking websites.

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