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Corporate Blog: 7 Mistakes in Content Marketing

Corporate Blog: 7 Mistakes in Content Marketing

There is no way around a professional corporate blog if you want to be successful in content marketing. But here – as in so many other places in marketing – there are some pitfalls. It is important to identify and eliminate them. Read more about the most common mistakes on corporate blogs in this post!


Corporate Blog Mistake # 1: You Are Not Focusing on Relevant Keywords

Your blog is used to draw people’s attention to your company: You write a post on a topic – and a prospect will find your post and thus your company in the search results. Sounds very simple.
However, this is where the first corporate blog mistake lurks: You write about topics and use keywords that you think would be interesting. However, this does not always overlap 1: 1 with relevant topics to your target group.

To avoid this mistake on your corporate blog, it is essential to do keyword research beforehand. You can quickly find out which keywords your potential customers are actually looking for – and how often. You then align your blog posts with the relevant keywords, one post per keyword. You will then also be found on Google.

In this context, the following also applies: PR reports or “hidden” advertising usually has nothing to do with relevant content either! Of course, you can insert an exciting news article now and then when something big has happened in your company. However, this shouldn’t become a habit.


Corporate Blog Mistake # 2: You forget about storytelling

Storytelling – you’ve probably heard about it at one point or another. It’s on everyone’s lips, and no one who publishes good content should be without it these days. Wait a minute; you don’t know the principles? Then we explain briefly; it’s easy.

Storytelling compares to a classic hero story. Your reader is the hero facing a problem. You are the wise mentor who helps the hero with his know-how to achieve his heroic journey. While that used to be about defeating a dragon and saving a lovely maiden, the topics have changed slightly.

Today you could, for example, tell Mr. Müller how you can make him the energy-saving and heating-efficiency hero of the neighborhood by replacing his ancient heating system with your Mega-Heater 2000. There are countless “hero stories” to tell like this one. So many that we will soon devote our own detailed article to the topic of storytelling.


Corporate blog mistake # 3: Your text length is too short or too long

Speaking of “detailed”: The verbosity is also a frequent source of errors on corporate blogs. This is where you should find the right balance between short five-line texts and long 5000-word texts. Because while the former cannot answer your readers’ questions in detail, a too-long text can quickly become exhausting.

Your texts should level off at around 1000-1500 words. However, if you have so much to say on a topic, this is not enough: Make a series and distribute the content over two or three posts. That remains exciting for the reader too. Anyway, be sure to check out our tips on how to write good copy.

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Corporate blog mistake # 4: Your texts are confusing

By this, we do not mean that you should format your texts from now on in all tones of the rainbow and use several fonts. Instead, it is about making the texts themselves clearer and easier to read. What helps: Structure your blog posts with H2 and H3 headings, use paragraphs, and include one or the other list of bullet points.

Rounded off with explanatory pictures or helpful infographics, your blog can be read much more pleasantly and no longer encourages you to “click away.” You can find more tips on how you should design your posts here with us: “ How do you write a very good blog post? ”


Corporate Blog Mistake # 5: Your Posts Are Not Collecting Leads

Say, is there an option in your blog posts to subscribe to the newsletter? Or helpful documents to download? If not, you are missing out on valuable opportunities for new leads with this corporate blog mistake – and thus also for new customers!

And this is how you get the e-mail addresses: Offer a suitable lead magnet with additional information for each article, which is so valuable for the reader to leave their e-mail address behind. You can use this email address to send him a newsletter, or he will go straight to your automated sales funnel. If you need more tips on this, it is best to read our article “How to set up an e-mail funnel.”


Corporate Blog Mistake # 5: You’re Not Scattering Your Content

Your contribution is written, published, and supplemented by a lead magnet with suitable keywords. Nevertheless, it ekes out a sad existence on your blog – because nobody knows that you have published something new! Very few people check your blog regularly to see if something has happened there. It can take a while for your contribution to appear in search engine rankings.

Therefore, you should definitely make him known in another way. Post a short message with a link to the blog post in your social media networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You are also welcome to promote these postings to reach even more interested parties.

When you publish a new post, tease your newsletter subscribers with an exciting email to forward them directly to the blog post.


Corporate Blog Mistake # 6: You Are Showing No Personality

Do your blog posts reflect your company? Or are they more like fact-based Wikipedia articles? Let’s be honest: companies are much more personable when they show that real people are behind them.

So do not hide your personality behind rigid, factual formulations when writing. Instead, be easy-going and entertaining and let in some humor. But be careful: regardless of your personality, you should still maintain professionalism. After all, you want to position yourself as a trusted expert first and foremost. So please don’t overdo it!


Corporate blog mistake number 6: You forget about the four-eye check

You also ensure professionalism by ensuring that your texts are clean in terms of spelling and grammar. Nothing seems more dubious than spelling mistakes. Therefore, always have a colleague look over it.

Two pairs of eyes see more than one. Believe us: there are still one or two comma errors, superfluous letters, or inconclusive formulations. Few of the mistakes on your corporate blog are so easy to fix, so take the opportunity.


Corporate Blog Mistake number 7: “We don’t need analyzes. We don’t have patience.”

Would you please not call your agency or blog employee in a rage if the penultimate post does not rank on Google after two weeks? Indexing by Google takes time! A corporate blog is a long-term strategy, the positive effect of which usually takes a few months to develop.

You can use this time to analyze the performance of your corporate blog. Interesting key figures in content marketing are, for example, Which posts (and thus keywords) generate a particularly large number of visitors? If some topics stand out as particularly relevant, it is worth writing even more articles about them.

Another important question: How do visitors get to my blog posts particularly often? The google search? Facebook? Facebook? The paths that work well should be further developed.

And that brings us to the end of our post about popular corporate blog errors. How many of them have you discovered on your blog, or have you already done so yourself? If you now notice that you still have a lot to catch up on and need professional help, contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions on the subject!

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