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Digital Marketing 2021: 8 Type & Comparisons

Digital Marketing 2021: 8 Type & Comparisons

Digital Marketing, today we present you a little riddle: “Direct, online, offline, telephone, event, content, multichannel, performance, inbound, neuro, print, geo, video, influencer, guerrilla …” – what do all these terms have in common? Do you come up with a solution?

You have probably guessed right: All terms represent specific forms of marketing. And this list is far from complete: HubSpot alone lists 41 marketing types in an overview and adds that this list is not yet complete.

Because since the digital world and marketing have come together, no one can stop developing new forms of marketing. But we don’t want to go that far in this article. Instead, you will find a comparison of the “classic” forms of online marketing here.

First, get an overview – with the basics in mind, you can always refer to specific forms such as industrial marketing adhere to neuromarketing!

Let’s start our comparison of forms of marketing with one of the oldest branches of online marketing.


Email Marketing

The main gain of email marketing is that almost everyone has an email account these days. The medium of email has established itself in the broad mass across all age groups. It is thus – at least one step ahead of social media marketing – a nose’s length.

For this reason, every company is well advised to include email marketing in their marketing strategy: To convert leads into customers or to retain existing customers. Or to point out interesting news about your company: For example, at upcoming trade fairs where you and your prospective customers can speak personally.


Social media marketing

A thumbs-up, a heart, a Kudo for this modern invention! With social media, you increase the reach and awareness of your company, build a community and thus strengthen the relationship with (potential) customers. Today, social media is part of every company’s marketing mix that wants to build a solid web presence.

And all of this with little or no budget. Because you only pay for social networks if you actively advertise there. This investment is definitely worth it because on Facebook and Instagram, for example, you can use all the user data available to target your advertisements to relevant leads.

Search engine marketing

Perhaps the prime thing that comes to mind is search engine optimization / SEO. That’s a good thing – because SEO is an important, fundamental strategy that no company can avoid on the Internet. However, we don’t want to talk about SEO in our comparison of marketing forms. Instead, let’s talk about SEA or Search Engine Advertising. This is marketing using advertisements that appear in Google search results.

The advantage of this form of marketing: Your website can be displayed completely independently of its organic ranking. Because these paid ads become keyword-dependent and are listed before the normal search results – regardless of their SEO relevance, investing in search engine marketing is particularly worthwhile if your website has not yet built a good ranking.

The advantage is that you can still draw attention to your products or services. And the SEA access also has a positive effect on the organic relevance of your website.


Voice Marketing

“Alexa, what is guerrilla marketing?” Voice assistants have become increasingly popular in recent years and have become an integral part of everyday life for many people. There is a good reason why they appear in our comparison of marketing forms: Voice marketing wonderfully suits to offer your potential customers specialist knowledge or solutions that they can consume in their everyday life.

Voice marketing is divided into podcasts, on the one hand, marketing, and voice assistant marketing, on the other hand. Both strengthen the expert status of your company; Podcast marketing also has an emotional factor that binds customers to your company and promotes brand identity.

So how about the latest industry news for breakfast? Or the specialist lecture that you can listen to as a podcast during a long drive? The possibilities are numerous.


Influencers have a huge effect on their community (mostly social media) and influence their followers with their decisions – they influence them. The advantage of influencer marketing stays in the close relationship between the influencer and the target group and the great trust they enjoy.

What now sounds subliminally like a cult can be used well for your marketing strategy. Because when an influencer expresses himself positively about something, it’s like a recommendation from a good friend – and recommendations are more likely to be believed than the standard advertising promise of a company!

Influencers are not always young people who companies pay for their statements. They can be industry professionals with numerous followers on social networks. But it can also be the electrical engineer who talks about e-cars and charging stations on his popular YouTube channel and explains technical innovations in this area using your product.

Digital Marketing is a vast area.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, products or services are presented and linked on websites or social media accounts. These can be blogs, rating platforms, or company websites. For example, if a purchase is made via such a link, a commission is due to the “introducer.”

This strategy is worthwhile for both sides. Because you too have an advantage: You build reach within your industry and reach potential customers who have not yet noticed you. Small catch: While affiliate marketing used to be quite subtle, the links are now clearly marks advertising.

Content marketing

Of course, content marketing should not be missing in our comparison of marketing forms! When done right, content marketing is about “advertising” with valuable specialist knowledge. Your target audience has problems or questions – you have the solution.

And offer in the form of free content: videos, podcasts, social media posts, e-books, emails, and so on. As you can see: content marketing offers countless possibilities and includes many of the marketing forms mentioned in this comparison. That is why content marketing is worthwhile for any company with any budget. It proves your expertise and promotes the trust of your potential customers.

It builds reach through numerous channels and ensures greater awareness. If you would want to know more about it, we recommend our post on Relevant Content. Or take a look at what marketing goals you can achieve with content marketing!



Comparison of forms of Digital Marketing: Our conclusion

As already mentioned initially, digital marketing is a broad field with a wide variety of possibilities. On the one side, this means: You can choose what suits your company and put together your own individual marketing strategy. On the other hand, the selection can quickly become overwhelming, especially at the beginning.

We, therefore, advise you: With the digital marketing forms from this comparison, you are in well-position to get the start. A very important tip: Please pursue your chosen strategies with perseverance. Many of the above forms of marketing are extremely effective, but it takes a few months for their success to show in numbers. So don’t give up too quickly – we wish you every success!

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