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Digital trends: the hottest in 2021

Digital trends: the hottest in 2021

Your marketing strategy is in place – but how do you get fresh and shareable content? So, where do you best share it? In this blog, you will look at what makes good content stand out, especially in times of Corona and Post-Corona. We give you an overview of digital marketing trends OR digital trends in 2021 and introduce some platforms that you should know.

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What distinguishes good content in digital trends?

Before you start thinking about where to share your content based on the digital trends for 2021, you first need excellent content. You certainly already have a strategy for this – but it is currently vital to adapt it regularly.

The following checklist will help you to take another close look at your content :

  • Do you know the values ​​of your target audience, and do you adapt your products to them?
  • Do you know the current wishes and fears of your target group? How do you respond to it?
  • Know how to communicate with your target viewers.
  • Show flexibility and resilience to build trust.
  • How do you design the transition between lockdown and post-corona? (Remember that not everyone will suddenly start consuming again as before)
  • What surprising offers do you have for your consumers? Will you take her by the hand
  • What added value do you offer them with your content?
  • Do you give regular updates about your company?


Good content should answer all of these questions. The COVID-19 crisis is a significant opportunity to position yourself according to your values ​​and build long-term trust. In this way, your customers can know that you are not only interested in their purchasing power but that you are putting them in the foreground as people. Therefore, adapt to current circumstances without losing the fundamental values ​​of your brand at the same time. Follow digital trends.

In short, good content is a mixture of tried and tested formats, new formats, and adapted formats. For example, if you have had a good experience with “behind the scenes” insights, you should take this content further. You may be able to adapt it to Corona partially. At the same time, it makes sense to start new formats such as surveys or a podcast.


Which digital trends should I know?

Prior we go into more detail about the individual platforms, we would like to present a few critical digital trends for 2021. Using them intelligently, you can signal to your target group that you are moving with the times. Many of these trends not only sound good but offer both companies and customers great added value.

A significant development is the use of artificial intelligence, for example, in chatbots. These make it possible to offer personalized customer service without using employees’ time. Significant in 2021 is the focus on personal, natural-looking communication, such as in this example:


 Also, Video Marketing stubbornly persists as a trend. More and more videos are being recorded live and streamed via social media or YouTube. It makes it possible to win something new from the video trend that has been around for a long time. The tendency to present experiences and services in a 360 ° video is also worth mentioning.

Influencer marketing is not new, but 2021 is crucial for digital marketing. Most recently, the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2021 with YouTube star Nikkie de Jager as moderator showed how influencers could generate much media attention. The audience in the arena also showed their preferences every time Nikkie came on stage, and the cheers were so loud. It was hard to hear her.

Finally, the search via images is essential. It is also shown that more and more customers are communicating visually. Apps that offer the ability to upload pictures and search for them, such as Google Reverse Search, are becoming increasingly popular. You should therefore ensure that we can find your online presence using an image search.


Where do I best share my content?

You should create good and trustworthy content with added value that is currently best distributed through visual channels. Day by day, more companies rely on social media stories, for which we will introduce you to two critical platforms below. But we also go into the auditory channel. Because in the sense of disruptive marketing, it is sometimes precious if you stand out from the crowd by using other media.


TikTok is again one of the most popular social apps. She kept a lot of people happy in lockdown. The majority of companies now have their own TikTok presence. The short videos give a look behind the scenes, try out their products, and show themselves from a very informal side.

Before you install Tik Tok directly, you should think about and research whether this app suits your target group. Depending on your products or services, TikTok may be just the thing – it’s particularly popular with younger people – but you may also be better off on YouTube or other channels.


Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok. Here you have the opportunity to record 15-second videos within your IG account, which are characterized by music in the background. There is no speaking here but dancing or showing. This is often very popular, but only if you really enjoy creating the reels. So the trick here is to find out what you’re exceptionally comfortable with.

The reels are best suited for small bits of information, funny data, and facts like “did you know?” Or references to products and other content. We suggest that the reader first have a look at the reels from similar companies yourself. The following video displays you how to use Reels to your advantage:

With cleverly used reels, you can quickly increase your social reach.

In addition to videos, webinars are also an exciting trend in digital marketing in 2021. Therefore, consider creating reels with teaching content or perhaps refer to a longer webinar video.

Another tip for Instagram: Experiment with the “Shoppable Posts.” At first glance, these look like average posts in the feed. Click on the photo to link directly to your shop. This means that users can easily visit your online shop from Instagram.


The clubhouse has been on everyone’s lips since the beginning of 2021 and is still growing. This podcast app offers different rooms in which listeners can listen to panels but also ask questions themselves. This creates interactive live podcasts that are not recorded, which only adds to the appeal. Here you can read more about clubhouse as a disruptive marketing tool.

There is no general answer to whether the clubhouse is suitable for your digital marketing. But if you have something to say, like to discuss with experts and place less emphasis on purely visual marketing, it could be an excellent strategy for more likes, shares, and engagement. Also, consider whether your ideas and inspirations for content could be packaged in a classic podcast.


Conclusion: go with the trend, but also listen to the target group

As you can see, you have a wide range of trending social media and platforms for your content. Resist the temptation to join every single new trend and choose instead. To do this, you can ask your target group directly what they want.

The trick is to keep track of digital trends in 2021 and then move to the right platforms with well-selected content. Fresh, modern content inspires your target group and makes your digital marketing more successful.

If you want to get to know more about digital trends, content, and online marketing and tips, you can find out more regarding the learning content of The Tech Turn here!

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