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Instagram Stories | Inspire the target group 2021

Instagram Stories | Inspire the target group 2021

A few seconds and then it’s invisible again: the Instagram stories. And despite this, or perhaps because of that, the format is so popular. So that you can reach your target group in a short time, we have five tips for creating stories.


Instagram Stories is a feature within the Instagram app where users can capture and post related images and video content in a slideshow format. Stories can be modified with the typical features of the popular social media app.

Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories.”[1]

Instagram Stories – just a trend that will pass again?

It doesn’t look like that. The platform has larger than 500 million users, and the trend is rising. And many of them use the story functions whether private individuals or companies. What makes the stories so popular: They are easy to create, can be equipped with numerous stickers, surveys, music and other functions and offer the possibility of telling stories without a lot of text. The best stories can be saved in highlights on the profile and are available longer than the regular 24 hours. And those who already have 10,000 followers can also incorporate swipe-up links into their stories. And this link to an external website.

What you should always pay attention to when creating your story content:

  1. Put your brand in the spotlight early on so that it can be recognized within the first three seconds.
  2. Promote a product clearly and at the beginning of the stories, as these are consumed very quickly and often fleetingly.
  3. Spread a very clear and easy-to-understand message.

Sure, even with stories, it can be worthwhile to take some marketing budget into your own hands. After all, the competition is great. To secure more attention from your target group, it can help to increase the reach with paid advertisements. As reported by the portal, almost a third of all companies’ total advertising expenditure on Instagram in 2020 went to story ads.

Five tips for successful Instagram stories

But you can also do it without a budget. New functions are constantly being added to Instagram, and various apps offer the opportunity to achieve even more reach and attention. Depending on the objective of your stories. We have put together five tips on how you can use Instagram Stories to attract your target group’s attention in just a few seconds in 2021.

Tip 1: create surveys

With surveys in Instagram Stories, you get your followers to interact with you and your company. You can involve users with two different types of surveys:

  • Ask a question and provide two answers. For example, you ask: “Have you already taken a course at the Social Media Academy?” And offer “Yes” and “No” as possible answers.
  • Ask a question. In the free field below, users can freely enter their answers.

The polls don’t just let you interact with the followers. You can also actively involve yourself in decisions, such as having a vote on a new design. You can also have products rated and thus improve customer satisfaction.

Tip 2: use a takeover

Influencers are often suitable for increasing reach and awareness. You can use a so-called takeover to incorporate them well into your stories. To do this, hand over the account for a certain time to the selected influencer to match your goals. You define the framework conditions with the influencer and agree on them in a contract to carry out a seizure.

Then the takeover can start. With a countdown, you can, for example, indicate in advance that a top athlete or a well-known YouTuber will be showing more of his life in stories on your Instagram channel in the coming week.

A takeover does not always have to be carried out with influencers. Two examples of how it can work differently:

  • The “Elternmagazin” regularly gives the account to mothers and fathers, who use stories to tell personal stories about pregnancy, childbirth, child-rearing and family.
  • The airline “Finnair” lets its employees give their followers an insight into how work goes on behind the scenes. On the one hand, this helps to increase trust in the brand and, on the other hand, to find new employees.

Tip 3: built-in music for your Instagram Stories

For some time now, Instagram Stories has offered the option of storing music. A study by Facebook indicated that around 80 per cent of stories with audio elements achieve better results than stories without music. Would you please select the right theme directly on Instagram and incorporate it into your stories free of charge? Studies mention that more and more users are consuming stories with sound.

Tip 4: reach more people with captions stickers

For those who use social media silently – for example, at work or on public transport – or deaf, there will soon be a completely new function. Instagram has announced that it will introduce so-called “caption stickers”. With these subtitles, followers can find out what we want to say in videos even without sound.

And that without incurring any additional effort. Because the new function, which is currently in the test phase, creates the subtitles all by itself. The sticker can be found where you can nowadays find parts such as markings, GIFs or surveys. The creation of  the subtitle for your video with one click, and you can then adjust the design. The only drawback is that this function will not be available for all Instagram users.

Tip 5: Create even more creative Instagram stories with apps

Do you want to impress with your stories visually? Then it’s best to use one of the numerous apps with which you can create creative and eye-catching designs. You don’t necessarily have to be an art director or create elaborate templates. Multiple apps offer great opportunities to create stories. In principle, the free version is always sufficient if the app provides one. However, when creating the stories, remember to convey a uniform image and integrate the colors of your brand there. Suitable apps are, for example:

  • Canva
  • Mojo
  • Over
  • Life Lapse
  • VSCO

And now, Have fun creating your Instagram stories!

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