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Parental Control Apps for iOS and Android: 2021

Parental Control Apps for iOS and Android: 2021

If you’ve been looking for ways to control the content your kids have access to on their smartphones or tablets, this is the right guide. Read more to discover some of the best parental control apps for iOS and Android that you can use to counsel your kid’s activity in 2020-2021!



The digital age of smartphones and tablets has brought many improvements in all kinds of areas. One of the most excellent benefits that modern technology has brought about is advancement in education and learning. Accessing online learning media and study materials has become incredibly effortless over the years.

As the Internet is home to millions of beneficial articles and studies. However, there we have many more aspects of the Internet that have caught the attention of all age groups everywhere, one of them being entertainment.

Most children and young adults now spend most of their time online, using their smartphones or other smart devices. While most kids only watch cartoons or anime on apps like YouTube or Netflix, it’s often elementary to get carried away with NSFW(Not safe for work) content on the Internet.


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So this is a widespread concern many parents have; what kind of content their children have access to and what type they shouldn’t. While manually checking your child’s phone search, history is always an option. It often interferes with their privacy and is something that is not highly appreciated.

That is why various parental control apps allow you to restrict and monitor your children’s access on their smartphones or tablets. Most of these apps are aimed at parents who hate having to snatch their kids’ devices when it’s time for bed. You can set time limits for all the apps installed on your smartphone.



With such a service, ensuring that your kids don’t try too hard while playing or watching YouTube or Netflix. In any case, we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing the list down to some of the best parental control apps available for iOS and Android that you can download in 2020-21. So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading!

Your best parental control apps for iOS and Android

# 1 – Norton Family Premier

Starting the list, we have a compelling parental control app that is best suited for parents whose children usually use their computer or laptop to get things done. While some in-app options work for mobile and other portable devices as well, the critical aspect with Norton Family Premier is its ability to block entire websites on its own. So if you don’t want your kids to have access to suspicious or unmonitored websites, add them to the block list, and their IP address will be blocked.

You can easily create an activity log and monitor which websites your kids visit the most and how much time they spend on each one. It is beneficial not only to try to restrict the time they spend on entertainment websites but also to get to know your children better. You can block websites as mentioned above, and you can also set a specific time window for certain websites and applications that you only want to access during the day or night.

You can also block apps or restrict mobile devices, making it quite useful for kids with phones or tablets. The only big downside to this app is its high price of $ 50 per year, but it is one of the most powerful parental control apps out there.


# 2 – Qustodio

Next on our list is Qustodio, which is another excellent way to monitor your child’s activity on their devices. The user interface of the application is immaculate and functional. Getting a great dashboard with all the information you need at a glance.

Seeing the total amount of time your kids spent using their phones and even view each app in detail, along with the time they spent using it. You can expect similar features that you usually get with the other parental control apps at this level.

Setting timers for each application, block websites to ensure your kids don’t have access to shady or dangerous sites, and you can even limit the time they can spend on their smartphones. You can filter websites and apps based on categories and block certain ones that you consider inappropriate for your children, such as gambling, violence or gun-based content websites or other adult-only services.

The app also has controls that you can adjust for kids of all ages. Pricing is a bit steep, starting at $ 55 per year, giving you access to up to 5 devices. However, you can still use the free version if you don’t need a lot of features.


# 3 – Family time

At the end of our list of some of the best parental control apps for iOS and Android, we have Family Time, which is, in our opinion, the most powerful way to control and monitor your child’s smartphone use.

The app not only has one of the best user interfaces that we have seen in a parental control app, but it is also rich in terms of features and options that it offers to the user. You can create different profiles for your additional children and have custom settings for each of them, depending on their age.

You can restrict the time they spend on specific apps or block them entirely. There’s also a powerful geofencing feature that alerts you if any of the smartphones your kids have access to have left a specific boundary. For example, your house or backyard.

It will be greatly appreciated by parents who are not always at home to check on their children. You get access to full location tracking via GPS and in real-time. Another feature unique to Family Time is creating tasks or different tasks within the app, making it more valuable than just being a parental control service.

The free version of the app exists, albeit at the cost of ads and limited functionality. If you want a genuinely unparalleled ad-free experience. And all the features we’ve mentioned above, you also have a few options for subscriptions.

The initial subscription costs $ 27 per year for a single phone, but you can extend it up to $ 70 per year for five devices. However, we appreciate that you can still use this app for free if you only need the most basic features. 


Hence, we conclude our list of some of the best parental control apps for iOS and Android devices in 2021! We hope that with this guide, you have found the application that best suits your needs. If you have any suggestions for other apps that you think we’ve missed on our list of the best parental control apps out there, be sure to leave a comment below, as we’d love to hear from you too!

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