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Sales Process In Digital Marketing 2021

Sales Process In Digital Marketing 2021

For a long time, the industry separated marketing and sales process from each other, and today both areas are becoming more and more intertwined. Right now, we can implement sales process digitally – with a meaningful structure. Read in this guest post how you can successfully take the step into the digital world in marketing and sales!

Much of our communication today is digital. When we want to meet up with friends, we send a short message via WhatsApp. And when it comes to customer contact, it is no longer the norm to meet in person or make phone calls.

The next logical step into the digital world would be to fully exploit all potential – with automation and all digital innovations available to us. But this is precisely where many sales process and marketing departments block. “Completely digital? Then we will lose the whole personal touch and authenticity, and then we can replace our employees with robots!”

Business Mastermind

The truth is: the only thing these entrepreneurs are losing is their future. Because if you want to keep up in the digital world, you have to in a position accordingly. Many organizations now realize that they need support in this step. And that’s currently available from Business Mastermind.

The two founders Stephan Heinrich and Martin Limbeck, have already successfully implemented the effort into the digital world by learning from and inspiring one another. They are successful entrepreneurs and investors who share their experience and critical success concepts with Business Mastermind.

Real expertise for leaping to the top of the market

Martin Limbeck has been one of the most successful sales process experts in Europe for over 27 years. And with the LIMBECK® GROUP, it has set itself to support companies and corporations with its know-how in increasing sales performance. Stephan Heinrich also likes to use his more than 30 years of experience to accompany international market leaders.

The medium-sized companies and committed young entrepreneurs on their way to the top. He put content marketing into practice long before the term ‘content marketing’ was established.

Combination of the Masterminds

Both of them have now combined their know-how and experience in their Business Mastermind initiative. The concept behind it: Access to international expert groups and professional associations, exchange on an equal footing and trusting cooperation is intended to make hand-picked entrepreneurs and executives the market leaders in their industry. Because when seasoned entrepreneurs with different perspectives work together on a topic, real progress develops.

Business mastermind connects entrepreneurs in small but powerful groups. With tailor-made support from experienced experts, they learn how to take concrete steps towards digital market leadership by meeting online or in-person several times a year and exchanging critical concepts for success.

The customer gives the direction.

We would now like to clarify what this progress looks like, how you too, can make the step into the digital world. First of all, it is essential to know: The customer sets the direction.

Blocking advertising and offers on the Internet is easier than ever for customers, thanks to Ad blockers and the like. Any “roar” of advertising messages falls on deaf ears – customers decide for themselves what they want to see. Marketing is changing from push to pull marketing sales process, which means: You have to convince and attract customers with relevant content.

And marketing in the digital world has clear advantages because it allows you to address your target group precisely in the content they take an interest in currently. Another plus point: all actions are measurable. You can see exactly what is well received and what is not and optimize your measures in a targeted manner.

The first step in marketing for the digital world is to grab your potential prospects’ attention by providing them with the solution to one of their problems. Find out which specific topics deal with the customers in your industry and offer them content (such as checklists or guidelines) to help your target group.

If possible, in exchange for the e-mail address, you can deliver additional relevant tailored content to the questions. This marketing concept is known as content marketing and builds trust and sets you apart from the stupid advertising messages of the competition. Then it’s time for the first, serious offer. Bring your prospects towards graduation.

Sales Process also benefit from New Marketing Channels.

Such a planned sequence of messages (also known as a ” funnel “) is very well suited to developing prospects into potential customers. A few potential customers can then select from a large number of first-time interested parties. At the end of this funnel, only people will come out who are interested in the topic.

It, in turn, is beneficial for sales process because the time-consuming process of initial contact then only has to be carried out for particularly promising contacts. It brings us to the third part of our article: The importance of the digital world for sales.

The digitization requires sellers to put their communication skills in new ways to the test – as they are active at different touch points, they are first to contact. And even after that, you always have to stay in the customer’s field of vision.

So you have to learn to familiarize yourself with new technologies and methods quickly. But don’t get it wrong: That doesn’t mean turning away from IT and CRM as central data storage or one or two handwritten notes. You can’t ignore the other tools in the digital world. And it would help if you understood that digitization offers sales enormous opportunities.

Rely on modern methods in sales process

There have long been programs that help you acquire new customers by searching the Internet for potential customers. AI technology can also do a great job of dividing customers according to their potential. It allows you to focus your valuable time on the most important prospects.

And it goes even further: With digital methods, you can confidently hand over time-consuming standard tasks to tools. By automatically creating new customer contacts in the database, for example, or booking appointments directly via the calendar plug-in without annoying arrangements, you can optimize your workflow and have more time for critical tasks.

The aim of your digitization strategy in sales should also be to make your company and all of its products and services visible – especially on social media because anyone who does not have an online presence today is invisible. So use the social networks to present yourself, make new contacts and position yourself as an expert.

If you remain authentic, friendly and professional, nothing should stand in the way of customer acquisition. It should be clear to everyone by now that advancing digitization is changing marketing and sales. Most of the time, the first big step into the digital world fails.

With this article, you have an overview of how you can approach the implementation successfully – and win customers with new methods. Would you prefer specific coaching? Business Mastermind is happy to support you in keeping up with digitization in marketing and sales. Interested parties can apply at any time!

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