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VPN for iPhone: Network in your pocket-07/21

VPN for iPhone: Network in your pocket-07/21

The Tunnel is not only popular with footballers. A VPN tunnel is also the first choice for Internet users who want to access their company or home network from anywhere. A Virtuelles Privates Network ( Virtual Private Network shortly VPN) granted full access to devices such as printers or NAS network drives(Network Attached Storage) – as if you were sitting on your sofa or desk chair within reach of your controlled devices. You don’t even need a PC to take advantage of a VPN. The iPhone, for example, is enough to connect to the desired network virtually. However, if you want to be anonymous on the Internet, you should rely on a reliable VPN provider. You can find the best VPNs for iPhones in the leaderboard and the last paragraph. 

The best VPN services

1. NordVPN









Hide. me

Hide. me



CyberGhost VPN


Proton Technologies



Golden Frog







Mullvad VPN




  • Complete List: The Best VPN Services


What is VPN on iPhone?

With a VPN, you can connect your iPhone or iPad to your router via the Internet at home and thus gain access to the devices connected to the router. The VPN transmits all data encrypted and thus protects your activities from unauthorized persons. For example, you can use services such as e-mail or online banking securely while on the go.

Even in a public WLAN, you do not risk being eavesdropped, as all communication takes place in the encrypted VPN tunnel – a VPN connection has many advantages even when you are out and about.

The following paragraphs explain what you need to do to set up an internal network. By the way: The whole thing works similarly with an Android smartphone. The advisor explains how: “VPN-Android: How to set up a VPN on your mobile phone, the best providers. “


VPN-iPhone: set up the FritzBox

All routers that explicitly support a VPN server function are suitable for these instructions. The guide is based on the widespread Fritz router, which can be made fit for VPN in just some steps: First, create a user account on your FritzBox (if you don’t already have one) and set a password. Then configure the FritzBox for access from the Internet and finally make sure that you do not use the standard address as the “IPv4 address”, but for example, If you need more detailed instructions, you will find a detailed description here to set up a VPN via FritzBox.

The FritzBox is quickly set up for VPN’s operation with the iPhone.

VPN for iPhone: find out access data

Now that your FritzBox can also be accessed remotely via VPN, you still need the parameters to reach your router at home. Do the following: In the FritzBox menu (accessible in the browser’s address bar under the fritz. box ), click on System and FRITZ! Box users. In the list, press the pencil next to “MyFRITZ account.” Now click at the very bottom on Show VPN settings, where you will find all the information you needWith Print this page, you can put the displayed information on paper. If you don’t have a printer, write them down. Anyway: If you would like to connect to your company network, ask the administrator for the access data.

iPhone: Set up for it

The VPN connection to the home network is now only a virtual stone’s throw away. Pull out your iPhone and go through the next steps:

Step 1

Tap on Settings.

step 2

Tap General. Below is the menu for VPN.

step 3

Here select Add VPN.

Step 4

In this menu, all necessary data are requested. You should have already received this from your FritzBox.

Step 5

Tap on Type and the VPN type specified on the printout, usually IPsec.

Step 6

It goes back with configuration. Enter something like “home network” as a description.

Step 7

Enter the relevant information from the printout under “Server,” “Account,” and “Password.”

Step 8

Also, fill out the “Shared Secret” field. “Group name” is usually the same as “Account.”

Step 9

The settings “Use certificate” and “Proxy” can be left inactive or left out. Then tap Done.

Step 10

To establish the connection, open the Settings, tap on VPN and activate the switch above the “Home Network” entry. You can recognize the active function by the VPN symbol at the top of the screen. As soon as you switch the device to standby mode, the connection is automatically disconnected.

What to do with the connection?

The connection that has just been set up is ideally suited to retrieve documents, images, or videos from your NAS or, for example, to control connected smart devices. In addition, in the case of a company network, you can access files and services that you would otherwise only be capable of using from your workplace. They also offer security: when using public WLANs in hotels, cafés, or train stations, Internet connections can be easily hijacked and spied on. However, if browsers, WhatsApp, or banking apps communicate with the Internet via an encrypted connection, hacker attacks are, in principle, impossible.

Does VPNs for iPhone make sense?

You’ve probably heard of the fact that VPN is a good way to hide your identity or bypass geo-blocking on the Internet. However, the connection just shown is not suitable for this. In a nutshell, VPN is not always all it means because your iPhone’s internal connection is only intended to connect you to your home or company network in an encrypted manner. But if you want to surf anonymously, you need a VPN provider. Such services usually have many servers around the world and are invisible to your Internet activity.

For more on Security

iPhone: The Best Providers

In the large comparison test, many providers could also score with a good app for the iPhone. The test winner NordVPN in particular, stands out as a positive example of a mobile version. Many setting options and uncomplicated operations make the service also interesting for the newbies. If you want something cheaper and still don’t want to lose any quality, choose Surfshark. As the best all-rounder in the test, the service from the British Virgin Islands ranks just behind NordVPN. ExpressVPN is ideal for perfect streaming of the latest Netflix series, including those from the USA right at the front. After a short registration, you are ready to go on an anonymous tip to the Internet. While the ones shown above are free, most of the providers mentioned are chargeable – but they also mention the advantages.

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