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Webcams Test 2021 | Review on Webcams

Webcams Test 2021 | Review on Webcams

Webcams transmit your pictures, taken by the camera, digitally to or over the Internet. A webcam allows you to communicate with your counterpart by bridging space and time. Whether for private or professional use, such a camera can be beneficial for you in various situations.

If you are looking for quality images, video and sound, our webcam test 2021 can help you find a webcam that meets your needs. We compared webcams from different manufacturers in different price categories. The associated additional functions are listed so that your purchase decision is as easy as possible for you.


 Our approach:

25thAnalyzed products

28Hours invested

6thStudies researched

84Comments collected


The Essentials In Brief

  • Webcams allow you to chat with other people live on the net.
  • We find a distinction made between two types of standard and IP webcam. The IP camera is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Webcams can have a wide range of equipment and additional functions. However, the price varies after that.

Webcams comparison: Reviews and recommendations

There are many webcams on the market. But not all webcams are convincing in their quality. We have selected and compared the best webcams for you in the following to help you make your choice.

  • Best all-rounder webcam
  • The best slim webcam
  • Top webcam with a tripod
  • The Top webcam with a ring light
  • The best professional webcam
  • The best vlogging webcam


Best all-rounder webcams

The Jelly Comb webcam has excellent video quality. It has a high-quality optical glass lens and a high-resolution CMOS sensor with 30 frames per second.

 Pictures and videos are delivered in HD-1080p. The webcam also has HD autofocus. The camera enables you to carry out a flowing live stream. It can rotate 360 degrees.

So you can determine for yourself what you want to film and whatnot. The webcam offers a cover. Therefore, sufficient protection for your privacy is required. You can surf the Internet without hesitation. In addition, Jelly Comb offers two high-performance microphones and the function of noise reduction. It gives a clear sound. The camera is cleaned with a dry cloth.

Editor’s rating: The webcam offers high-quality HD images and high-quality sound from two high-performance microphones. It is an absolute bestseller among the webcams, as it provides excellent added value for its low price.

The best slim webcam

The AUKEY camera has a nice slim design. We can easily be clipped onto your computer or laptop in a few seconds. The high resolution 1920 x 1080p produces clear videos. Image quality is also offered in poorly lit rooms. Perfect for video recordings. The two integrated stereo microphones also offer clear sound recording with reduced background noise.

The webcam can not only be used for Windows, IOS or Android. We can also use it for a smart TV. Plug & Play makes it easy to set up the camera. Mounting on a tripod for a unique viewing angle is ensured by the screw thread. When the camera is active, a small blue light will appear. So you can make sure again whether the webcam is on or not.

Editor’s rating: This offers a beautiful design and high quality in image and sound. The camera is easy to attach and install—a good choice for someone who values ​​ease of use.

The best webcam with a tripod

Webcam with microphone 1080P Full HD with webcam cover, USB webcam with the tripod, mini plug and play for desktop & notebook, webcam ideal for streaming, conferences, live broadcasts and video calls

The 306 degree rotatable webcam from ANVASK offers flexibility. With the accompanying tripod, you can film flexibly from any angle of different surfaces. The tripod is adjustable. The 110-degree wide-angle lens produces sharp 1080p images. A two-track microphone offers the possibility to record sound from a further distance of 8 meters cleanly with noise reduction. The camera is supplied with a cover.

It protects your privacy from other internet users. In addition, it protects the camera from dirt and scratches. The dynamic range of the webcam shows beautiful pictures and videos even in poor lighting conditions. The manufacturer values ​​service. If you have no experience or have technical problems with the webcam, you can contact the manufacturer. We will answer all the questions within 24 hours.

Editor’s rating: Despite further distances, a clean picture and clear sound are possible. The tripod is an additional piece of equipment. The service offered by the manufacturer is perfect for beginners.

The top webcam with a ring light

2K webcam with microphone for PC, ring light Webcam USB with cover and tripod for PC / MAC/laptop/desktop, HD web camera streaming for YouTube, Skype, Zoom, Xbox, learning, video conference and video calls

The OVIFM 2 camera offers an image quality of 2560 x 1440P. It is a little worse than the other products featured. Nevertheless, it delivers high-resolution images without any distortion, which reproduces your actual vision.

The webcam has a ring light. You can create a bright picture despite poor lighting conditions. You can adjust the brightness of the light according to your needs. You can select between the settings low, medium and high.

The webcam has an automatic noise reduction chip built-in. It allows noises from various corners to be identified and suppressed. With this camera, you can also record y to 8 meters away. The focus is also automatically adjusted so that you don’t have to do this. The camera is set up in under 3 minutes.

Editor’s rating: This webcam offers the worst image quality of all our products. However, there is the additional function of turning on a ring light in order to have better lighting on your face.

Top professional webcam

Logitech C925e HD webcam

Logitech is the most wanted brand when it comes to webcams. Therefore it had to be included in our comparison. The webcam offers HD 1080p video quality with autofocus. Clear images are made by the advanced light correction. The camera can be easily connected to a computer or laptop using plug & play. UVC H.264 encoding enables a smooth video stream.

The video processing takes place in the camera. The webcam has a 78-degree field of view. Without repositioning the camera, your picture will be recorded in full width. The excellent recording is made by a built-in stereo microphone.

Here, too, privacy protection is required. The Logitech can be mounted in various ways and has a tripod thread. The webcam received several professional certifications, such as for Skype Business. If you do a lot of video running and want to spend a little more money, this camera is a great choice.

Editor’s rating: From our point of view, the certification and the good ratings are justified. The captured image is shown in full width. The built-in gadgets provide excellent sound, picture and video quality.

The best vlogging webcam

Logitech BRIO STREAM Webcam, 4K Ultra-HD 1080p, Wide adjustable field of view, USB connection, Cover panel, Removable clip, For Skype, Zoom, XSplit, YouTube, PC – Black, Streaming Edition

Another very good webcam from Logitech is the Brio Stream model. It is the most expensive camera of all of our featured products. With this camera, you can record professional vlogs in Ultra-HD 4K for your social networks. High-resolution and flawless images are delivered. In addition, the high frame rate means that the images can be repeated in slow motion.

The webcam offers a wide field of vision, which is automatically optimized. If you plan to use a camera for professional purposes, this is best for you. You also get a 12-month Premium XSplit license. In addition, the camera has a RightLicht 3, so you have an optimal picture in poor lighting conditions.

Editor’s rating:  This camera is an ideal model if you don’t want to use the webcam just for private use. We recommend this webcam rather for those who already have experience and are more advanced.

Webcams: purchase and evaluation criteria

When buying a webcam, there are some criteria that you have to pay attention to if you want a suitable camera according to your wishes. In the following piece, we will explain to you what is crucial for the individual criteria.

  • Quality
  • Attachment
  • Connection
  • Additive


The image quality of your webcam plays a big role in the purchase. It depends on what use you want to use the camera for. If it is only for private use and the webcam is rarely used, a standard camera should be completely sufficient.

Full HD resolution for an even sharper picture

If you want to use the webcam more often and also for everyday work, a resolution of HD-1080p should be available. A camera with such a resolution offers sufficient quality.

The recorded images are transferred smoothly and smoothly to the network. However, not every webcam offers this. In addition, the price of the camera increases with the quality of the image.


When buying a webcam, you should also pay attention to the bracket. Often you have a clamping or screw system with which the camera can be easily attached to your monitor.

It stays there for most of the time. If you want to film from different perspectives, the camera should have a tripod. So you can place the webcam on different surfaces.


The standard camera is connected through a USB port. The IP webcam has a USB connection on the one hand and a network connection on the other. Before you buy, you should be definite about the extent to which you need which connection.


Before buying, you should know that a webcam can also have other purchase criteria in relation to an advantageous addition. In the following, you will see a list of some additional functions and functions that the webcam can still have:

  • microphone
  • Noise cancellation
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Autofocus
  • Ring light
  • cover
  • Use with Windows, Android, Apple, Smart TV?

You have a wide range of additional options when it comes to the equipment of the camera. However, please be sure that the price of the webcam is based on such criteria. Not every addiction is an absolute must-have. It all depends on what you value. Accordingly, you should respond to your wishes and needs in order to find the right camera.

Webcams: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

In the following, we want to answer the most important questions about the webcam. We have selected the questions for you and will answer them shortly. After you have read through the guide, you will know all the essential backgrounds via a webcam.

What is a webcam?

With a webcam, short interval images are recorded, which can be transmitted to or via the Internet. You can use the webcam to take pictures and videos and see them on another website.

With a webcam, video chatting with your loved ones will be a great experience. 

There is even the option of transferring your picture to another computer. So you can easily communicate with your counterparts regardless of time and place.

Most laptops already have an internal camera. If this is broken, however, you can use a webcam as an alternative. In addition, a webcam offers you better quality. You can easily connect the webcam to your computer or laptop.

What types of webcams are there?

There are two basic types of webcams that you can choose between. You can choose between the standard and the IP camera. In the following table you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each camera:

Art- Standard webcam.

Advantages- Inexpensive transfers simple images, suitable for beginners.

Disadvantage- Low resolution, poor quality, simple features, fewer connection options.

Art- IP webcam.

Advantages- High image quality, smooth recordings, USB and network connection are its advantages.

Disadvantage- A little more expensive in price.


The standard webcam is an inexpensive alternative. Because of this, it is more economical in its equipment. It provides images of lower quality. The IP webcam, on the other hand, offers excellent quality. Perfect for you if you plan to use the camera more often.

What can I use webcams for?

A webcam can be used for different purposes:

  • Private: A classic way to use the webcam is for private use. Here webcams are very often used to communicate with relatives or friends. Communication takes place virtually through image, video and sound. If there is a further distance between you and your communication partner, this can be bridged by the webcam.
  • Job: The webcam can also play a major role in everyday working life. Companies use video chat to hold meetings and conferences between colleagues who are not in the same location.
  • Monitoring: It is also possible to use webcams for monitoring. You can monitor different rooms or your house with this camera. The images recorded by the webcam can be transferred to another website. You can then look at the pictures. You can carry out the monitoring in a private environment or in public places.

What does webcams cost?

The price of a webcam varies with its associated equipment. It all depends on what use a webcam should have for you. The following table gives you an approximate price idea for the products available.

Price range available products

Low price (10 – 15 €) Standard camera

Medium price (15 – 100 €) IP / HD webcam

High price (from 100 €) Vlogging camera

Our ranking shows that you can get a very simple camera at a relatively low price. When you are ready to buy a mid-range camera, you have a wide range of quality and additional features.

The prices vary greatly in the middle price range, as the features of the individual webcams can be very different.

If you want to get a professional camera, you are in the highest price category. Here the price rises again upwards. A camera from this price category is fully utilized.

Where can I buy webcams?

  • You can buy webcams in almost every specialist retailer, in online shops or in department stores with electronic departments. We have shown you some online shops that offer a large selection of webcams in different models and price categories. The following online shops are

If you have already found a favorite among our featured products, you can first search for the camera in your chosen shop. If you haven’t been able to make a decision yet, you can browse the shops first. Then you can select a camera according to the purchase criteria we have presented.

 What alternatives are there to a webcam?

A webcam can be used in many ways. Depending on the model, you can carry out the various functions. If you only want to achieve a certain benefit, you can also find and compare alternatives to a webcam. In the following paragraph, we will give you a brief overview of the alternatives to the webcams.

Alternatives- Security Camera.

Available products- Such a camera is a good alternative if you want to monitor something, as they are much more specialized and the corresponding additional functions.

Alternatives-Internal camera.

Available products-Laptops already have a built-in camera, but you can only chat with video and deliver a poorer quality.


Each camera has its own benefits and downsides. Nevertheless, the webcam seems to be superior to the many criteria. It can be used in several ways for different areas and meets several requirements at the same time.

How do I install a webcam?


A little tip in advance: You should read the operating instructions before installing.

To install a webcam, you should first set up the camera in a suitable location on your monitor. The USB cable connects to the webcam and your device. The CD is then placed in the CD drive. A configuration window for the webcam should now open automatically.

You can easily connect any webcam to your PC or laptop with a USB cable. 

You follow the instructions step by step. Please note that the steps may vary. This differs depending on the manufacturer. Once the setting has been finished successfully, the webcam program opens. Finally, you set up the camera. Double-check the quality of the sound and the picture.


With the help of a webcam, you can transfer the pictures you have taken over the Internet. In addition, such a camera offers you the opportunity to post pictures and videos directly on the network. There are several models of webcams with different functions. You should be aware of this before buying in order to find the best camera for your needs. You have already got to know some products through our product test.

There are two basic types of webcams. The standard camera simply fulfils its purpose. You can use this in your damaged internal webcam. In contrast, an IP webcam offers more functionality and thus has added hearing value. Therefore, there is very little you can go wrong with an IP camera.

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