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How to Boost Volume Above 100% in Windows 11

How to Boost Volume Above 100% in Windows 11

How to Boost Volume Above 100% in Windows 11

The default volume in Windows operating system is set to rise to 100% however it may not give a punch to a lot of users. You can tweak a few settings or make use of the best volume booster on Windows 11. The manual process can only increase audio volume but the best sound booster for a laptop can enhance the sound quality. Sound above 100% can only sound good if the speakers are able to handle that level.

Sound professionals and DJs use sound boosters to increase audio volume to its peak. You can make use of pre-set equalizers to customize your audio experience. Before you try and boost volume above 100%, you need to check the hardware acceleration of your device if it is compatible to increase the volume above 100%. Let’s begin with the manual settings to boost volume above 100%.

Increase Volume to Max

Before you tweak any settings, ensure that your volume levels are already set to Max. Raise all the levels of system sound and app sound to their peak. If you find Google Chrome in the list, ensure you raise its volume to its peak. This will help you boost your volume above the average levels.

Step 1. At the bottom right corner of the Task Bar Right-click on the speaker icon. Select the ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option.

Step 2. Drag the System Sounds, Google Chrome browser, Skype, or other device volumes to their peak. Close the window and check if your sound experience is enhanced.

Check Speaker Properties

Every speaker or headphone has its own default settings. You can check the device properties to increase laptop volume. If there are multiple speakers, you will need to configure the properties of all the devices to give their peak performance.

Step 1. Come back to the Volume Mixer with the above steps. Click on the device icon to access the Speaker Properties window.

Step 2. Click on the Levels tab and ensure that all the levels are set to 100%.

Step 3. Click on the Advanced tab and put a check on the ‘Enable Audio Enhancements’ option. Apply the changes and click on the Okay button to save settings.

Step 4. You can switch between devices by clicking on the small triangle icon under devices.

Step 5. Click on the Enhancement tab and enable Bass Boost & Loudness Equalization. Apply changes and click on the Okay button to save settings.

Use VLC Sound Booster

VLC Media Player has advanced settings to increase audio volume on Windows. The default sound level is up to 100% which can be increased by up to 300%. These settings can boost the sound up to 300% however may not deliver a good quality sound.

Step 1. Launch VLC Player! Go to the Tools menu and click on Preferences. You can also access it with (Ctrl + P) hotkeys.

Step 2. It will show you the Simple Preferences window. You need to click on the [All] radio button under the Show settings at the bottom left corner of the window.

Step 3. Under the Interface section, click on the Main Interface and select the Qt option in the left-hand side panel.

Step 4. Scroll down the list on the right-hand side panel and select the Maximum Volume Displayed option. You can raise it to a maximum of 300. Enter 300 in the box and Save settings. Next time you play any music or video using VLC, you can raise the volume up to 300 levels. You will experience increased audio volume with this sound booster for free.

Use Volume Booster on Windows 11

If you are a professional and need a perfect audio experience, you can make use of the best volume booster on Windows 11. It comes with a lot of advanced features to enhance your audio experience. There are dozens of volume boosters for PC however not all of them come with advanced features. We have tried, tested, compared, and reviewed the best volume booster on Windows 11 and listed the best to increase volume.

Boom 3D

Price – $39.95

Free Trial – 30 days

Compatibility – Windows 11 and earlier version

Boom 3D is one of the Best Windows Volume Boosters and earlier versions. It is also compatible with macOS 10.10 or higher. You can tune into a lot of pre-set equalizers to increase audio volume and enhance your audio experience. Boom 3D allows you to experience 3D Sound, surround sound, and Digital Dolby effects. You can explore the best audio output with Movies, Music, Pitch, Ambiance, Night Mode, Games, and other modes. It automatically takes up and configures the audio settings from the streaming websites like Disney Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.

Boom 3D allows you to experiment with different sound effects to increase laptop volume. You can convert a regular headphone to a 3D surround sound headset. Boom 3D offers 31-Band advanced equalizers to fine-tune the audio output and relish the best audio experience. It has great compatibility with all the apps that you can use on your Windows. Its master volume can control the volume of all the apps on its Mac version. Boom 3D allows you to tune into 20K Radio Stations and offers you an amazing gameplay experience in the 3D audio output.

Summing Up

The default max volume on a Windows computer is 100% however you can always increase volume and double the sound output. There are a few manual steps that can help you increase audio volume on Windows. You can also make use of the best volume booster on Windows 11 to increase the volume output. The best volume booster for PC can offer advanced sound settings for an extreme level of quality and sound output. A sound booster for a laptop can also turn a regular output into 3D audio or add Digital Dolby effects. Tune it up with Boom 3D!

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